Chapter Leadership and Contacts

Board of Directors, 2019:
    Name Affiliation Chapter Role Email  Telephone
    Ray Deno USSI     President (and Director) 260-248-3617
    Ali Raz Purdue VP for Chapter Programs (and Director)
    Bob Kenley Purdue VP for Outreach (and Director)
    Chris Hoffman Cummins Inc. Secretary (and Director) 812-447-2231
    Mat French Rolls-Royce Treasurer (and Director) 317-908-6539
    Bart Addis Cummins Inc. Director
    Mike Celentano Eli Lilly and Company
    Paul DeMond USSI Director
    Everett LewisRolls-RoyceDirector
    Bill SchindelICTT System Sciences Director
    Ajay Thukral Syentive Group, Inc.Director
    Clay Watkins Beckman Coulter Director
    Scott WeigandEli Lilly and CompanyDirector